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Stress Relief

Stress relief often follows forming or welding operations, and prepares the product for further processing. Because the process itself is very simple, other factors become more important.

The project shown here is a case in point, because each step project was carefully planned and executed to achieve maximum results. HTF worked with the customer to develop a three-position system with the 63’ long furnace on wheels moving between positions, which allowed the fastest possible cycle time, and the most efficient loading and unloading steps for the 80,000 pound loads.

As the furnace was being built, HTF shipped the 200 ft long rail system and two of three hearths to the customer’s facility for installation.

Stress Relief
Stress Relief

Once the stress relief furnace was ready, the customer’s personnel and 100,00 pounds of product arrived at HTF for training and a full temperature uniformity test with the furnace and third hearth. The massive one-piece stress relieft furnace was then loaded onto the truck for shipping, with minimal re-assembly required upon delivery.

On arrival, the elapsed time from on-site installation on the ready-made rails and hearths, plus operational checkout was two days, with production use beginning on the third day.

This endeavor is but one of many other examples of HTF’s long history of successful interaction and cooperation resulting in a competitive advantage for our customers. It truly demonstrates that at HTF “we can help you”.


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Heat Treat Furnaces

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