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Tip Up Furnace

Tip-up or Clamshell Furnaces are used for very large, heavy, or sometimes difficult-to handle products. 

The Tip Up Furnace equipment shown here is used to solution anneal up to 50,000 pounds of 42 foot long stainless steel tubes 6 to 24 inches in diameter, heating to 2000°F and then quenching in less than 25 seconds from furnace to full immersion.

The automated paired system is the only way to quickly quench the tubes without deformation in less than 25 seconds, so as to achieve proper metallurgical results. In addition, the 24 gas burners are all self-recuperated and uniquely PLC (Programmed Logic Controlled), which has resulted in a 30% fuel cost saving while holding a +15°F uniformity.

Heat Treat Furnaces

2x2 HTF Vector aTTX company-01.png
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