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Car Bottom Furnace

Car Bottom Furnaces are the workhorse of the industry due to their versatility because:

  • They can be easily loaded or unloaded from either side

  • Work is loaded in baskets, or in stacks of various sizes and items

  • They can handle very high load weight and large work piece sizes

  • They can accomplish multiple processes such as stress relief, quench and normalize

There are several possible Car Bottom Furnace configurations:​

  • Door on car, guillotine door, double car/double door, moving furnace/fixed cars (hearths), over-fired, under-fired, and over and under fired burner arrangements

HTF also offers an innovative control system which dramatically reduces the amount of scale produced on annealed castings. 

This feature can eliminate costly grit blasting operations which results in quick payback of the cost of the equipment, and has been proven in numerous installations.

Heat Treat Furnaces

2x2 HTF Vector aTTX company-01.png
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