Continuous Furnace

A Continuous Furnace is one whose conveyor runs at a constant speed, where the work is fed to match emerges in the desired condition.

Three variations are shown to illustrate this:

1) A 72-foot long Porcelanizing Continuous Furnace (called a Slot Furnace) with an oval overhead trolley conveyor carrying individual inline sheets with Frit coating applied which will be heated to 1650°F for curing, followed by cooling. (photo to right)

Continuous Furnace

3) A pipe coating continuous furnace, comprised of four zones which heat the product to powder coat melting temperature, using hourglass-shaped conveyor rolls to move the product at speeds ranging from 4 to 20 feet per minute on pipe ranging from 24” to 4” diameter. (photo to right) 

The continuous furnace configuration and its conveyor are dictated by the work size, length and process. These types of furnaces are usually in a U-shape or straight line.

Continuous Furnace

2) An oil patch sucker rod (3/4 inch to 1 ¼ inch diameter by 20-feet long) Normalizing continuous furnace with a synchronized, 7 screw conveyor that will feed and heat to 1650°F approximately 2 rods per minute. Cooling is external. (photo to left)

Continuous Furnace

Heat Treat Furnaces

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