Atmosphere Furnace

Atmosphere Furnace's are used in heat treating processes to protect the surfaces of work pieces from undesired reactions such as oxidation or decarburization. This furnace also helps to promote surface reactions in order to achieve a desired effect, such as case hardening processes including

  • carburizing

  • ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC)

  • gas soft nitriding (GSN) 

  • or to produce no surface effect as with neutral hardening

The atmospheres used can be nitrogen, argon, exothermic gas, endothermic gas, nitrogen-methanol, ammonia, dissociated ammonia, steam, or controlled mixtures of more than one gas.

One common atmosphere furnace arrangement is the bell type, where the heating system is contained in a lifting box, or cylinder shaped shell, which is then sealed to a base holding the work load and containing the atmosphere seal. (Photo on right)

Another atmosphere furnace configuration is the pit type, where the shell remains stationary and the furnace cover is removed for loading and unloading of the furnace. In either case the mating surfaces of the shell and base or cover must create a leak-tight seal. (Photo below)

Atmosphere Furnace
Atmosphere Furnace

HTF has a successful track record of building atmosphere furnaces with robust seal arrangements that are positive, tight, and easy to maintain. Our team works with you to determine what the process actually needs, and then we develop a furnace that will meet your requirements with the simplest possible arrangement. We use innovative atmosphere control systems that keep the process on track, with complete data acquisition to meet the specifications of your industry.

Because our people have experience in a wide variety of industries and applications, working with an equally wide range of materials, we can help you with the most demanding situations.

Heat Treat Furnaces

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